Thanksgiving Window

Maybe it is me, but I think America has changed in the last decade or so. We now instantly leapfrog from trick or treating at Halloween to hearing Christmas Carols on November 1.

Thanksgiving gets no love.

I am confused. Americans love food, Thanksgiving is all about food. It seems like the perfect couple, right? But, relationships are tricky. Let me tell you a little story to illustrate my point. Thanksgiving Thelma was dating American Andy. They went on a date to a club. Thelma had her tasteful orange and brown sweater on… she did love her some harvest colors! But, then Holiday Heidi showed up with her sparkly green and red outfit. She was covered with blinking lights, mistletoe, tinsel and beautiful bows. She even had her own songs! They exchanged words. Thelma asked Heidi to keep her celebration in her own gosh darn month. Heidi gave Thelma a smirk, proclaimed “I am all up in here”, grabbed Andy and walked off…”jingling all the way”.

Well…we will not let this stand! We love Thanksgiving and this bullying is not right. So, like Justin Timberlake said…We’re bringing Thanksgiving back!