Our Story

We (Kat & Mike) are not the second, third or fourth generation in the home furnishings business…and that is what make us a bit different. Let us explain.

Kat grew up in Texas and married Mike despite the fact that he was from Nebraska. Our lives took us around the country working for banks, non profits, oil companies, transportation companies and creative agencies. After the unexpected loss of Mike’s mother – we decided it was time to stop chasing the corporate dream and find something to do that we loved. In 2002, Kat took the first step and decided to pursue a long time love…interior design.   She attended classes and joined a local interior design firm.  In 2003, she founded her own firm, Kat Liebschwager Interiors. Mike quit his job in 2004 to help Kat with her company. Kat’s business flourished and we decided…why not open a store? Ruth & Ollie was born…on July 15, 2006.

Who are Ruth & Ollie you ask? Good question! Ruth was Mike’s grandmother and Ollie was Kat’s great Grandmother.  We thought the name was perfect for what we are trying to do…blending traditional (Ruth) with a twist of funky (Ollie). They both are no longer with us, but we honor them in the store on their birthday each year.

So…what do we have at Ruth & Ollie? Sophisticated upholstered and leather furniture with clean lines. Spectacular lighting in bright colors. We also have hundreds of pillows from around the world that will add POP to a room, as well as art work and colorful accessories. And we have a great staff to help you make your home beautiful.

Although it is a bit of a challenge to try to convey the feel of Ruth & Ollie through the web, please look around our site and check out the photos of our store. If you are in Carytown, stop by our store at 3108 West Cary Street to experience Ruth & Ollie for yourself. We’d love to meet you!

Mike & Kat  Liebschwager

The Lucky Owners

Say hello to the Ruth & Ollie team, from left to right… Chris Shands, Blair Etheridge, Catherine Charon, Mike Liebschwager, Kat Liebschwager, Ashley Byars, Rebecca Astruc and Heather McQuillin. Not pictured: Mayte Lerch.